During this hands on project with the young people our main aim was to find ways of interpreting the children’s ideas of hope and freedom. We explored many different artistic processes. There was wire drawing, printmaking, observational drawing, charcoal and coffee artworks, and boat building. We were given the chance to work in wonderful settings, from high up on the rock overlooking the bay and ships, to the cool dark calm of the museum, in search of the original migrants to settle Gibraltar – a neanderthal woman and child. Ultimately it was the symbol of freedom in the form of the boat that embodied the workshop ethos for the mural. We all felt drawn to the tankers, yachts, tugs and cargo ships that pass The Rock or anchor beneath its shelter. I find the poignant location of Gibraltar on the world map crucial to the way I feel about using boats to interpret freedom. The children of Gibraltar have had such insightful ways of using the salvaged materials and exploring this subject. It has become a beautiful environmental work as much as a message of hope.